Your mind and brain are not the same thing 

Ok let’s  get in to this your mind and brain are not the same thing? Your brain control your physical side keeping  you alive life support ,movement and anything  to do with the physical side of you. Then you have mind which  is connected to brain but is a complete different it’s part of your soul this control things  like emotions ,dreams your spirituality side anything  non physical it has a antenna in the brain  some call it the 3rd eye The pineal gland is a pea-sized gland shaped like a pine cone, located in the vertebrate brain near the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. 

It is the subconscious awareness of the surroundings and interactions of the environment.  But sadly probably for the last 100 years elite have been poisoning  your  pineal gland but that’s for another day but it’s to stop the indigos get to powerful and to stop the world having  a spiritual awakening but as I say that’s for another day. So I will go so so much deeper in to how powerful  your mind really is and what it’s really   can do. And remember  to feed your soul and spiritual side as much as your physical side peace out.