100% pure indgo talking about thing’s which I think Need to be talked about now in a open platform . Not everyone will agree with me as non indigos just don’t get it or really care but you have been brainwashed for many years and you can’t see the truth though the fog of lies but it’s is really time to wake up see what is really happening around you . I have some pretty way out there theorys but if you want to come along for the ride hang on . PLEASE  forgive my spelling  and grammar.

indigos rarely accept anything that has not been explained to them. They don’t like to do things just because everyone else does or because someone else told them to. They ignore rules unless someone explains to them why they have been put in place, as well as structures, routines, disciplines, rituals, or decorum that doesn’t make sense to them. They often stand out like a sore thumb in society unless they’ve learnt to camouflage themselves. Their presence can often make other people rather nervous.


Talking to someone with an open mind is honestly one of my favorite things because there’s never an end to what you can talk about and learn.


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My New blog bit harder so if you want to wake up now the time