Lucid Dreaming and Self-Realization

Lucid dreams is an experience anyone can have you don’t need to be indigo but indigos have a stronger experience and with  higher energy levels it’s easier to go there. Everyone  has had a lucid dream it will feel different to a normal dream and you remember it when you wake and it would have felt look you had really experience something completely different . Anyway you can train yourself  to experience this at anytime you want. I think this should be part of all schools in the world’s curriculum and have it’s own subject matter. So what is lucid dreaming  ? Well you have 2 side’s of your brain awake and alseep  I’m trying  it make it easy to understand  when your awake  you use one side asleep the other side but there is a secret door between I say you probably had a lucid dreams before this is because you had accidentally found the door and when though but then fogot the location of the secret door . But you train your brain to find the door and then remember the location. There are somethings  you can’t do your sleep  side does understand  logic there is no time on numbers or letters so you can’t read anything  it will not make sense and you will just get frustrated with yourself.  Sleep side is more and emotions love, hate environments , desire. 

It you want to learn how to lucid dream  just search how to lucid dream there are many different ways to learn .

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