The power of “om”

“om” is arguably the most well-known word one finds in a non-religious, spiritual context. Although, traditionally associated with the Vedic Religion (popularly but wrongly known as ‘Hinduism’) it is used by non-hindus, new agers & many different people in different settings. It is said that the primordial sound is Om. Om is the root of all creation. To go into the meaning of this would be beyond the scope of the article. Here we can simply talk about the effects of Om and its power and why it has the power it does. Om is a sanskrit word. Sanskrit is the most ancient language. It is as ancient as our consciousness. So when we utter or chant in this ancient language it effects and transforms our consciousness without us even realizing it. Different Sanskrit words effect different parts of the body and the chakras. But ‘Om’ envelopes and contains all sounds so it has a more of a comprehensive effect on the system. It effects the physical, mental and nervous system. It brings it closer to it’s natural rhythm and state. And the closer we get to our natural rhythm, the healthier we feel. We develop a sense of well …
The natural humming energy of Om exists all around us. Om vibrates at the frequency of 432 Hz, which is the same frequency as everything in nature. Keep in mind that everything in the entire universe is actually pulsating and vibrating, from the furniture in your home to roads and sidewalks and rivers and trees.The color indigo is associated with the Ajna (6th) chakra, also known as the third eye.  This chakra is located in the center of the forehead between the brows and is considered to be the chakra of the mind.  It governs intuition, mysticism and understanding.  It is here that we begin to question our spirituality and how we relate to it. Mastering of this chakra will bring wisdom, intuition, perception, and the mastery of the self.

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