Learn how to love yourself first 

    Seven-Step Prescription for Self-Love.

      Become mindful…
      People who have more self-love tend to know what they think, feel and want. …
      Act on what you need rather than what you want. ..
      Practice goodself-care. …
      Set boundaries. ..
      Protect yourself. …
      Forgive yourself. …
      Live intentionally…
      Ok so your body gives of an energy it’s yours life forceforce if you are happy you transmitter a high frequency if you sad you transmitter a low frequency. This is happening all the time you are alive the frequency you transmitter can effect the people around you. By leaning to love yourself can change your frequency that you transmitter I no it sounds mad but trust me. Let’s say you are going out for the night well before you get ready make time for some you time . Explore your body relax and let you mind and body work together as one you don’t need anything else well if your female you mite but even thing you need is in your mind let yourself go don’t get embarrassed on what your mind thinks or fantastic about this is normal what your mind can bring up mite surprise you and change the way you see yourself  but without experimenting your never no .Tty not allow your minds to wander to our usual fantasy scenes or favourite sexual partners. That we commit to keeping it all about ourselves—connecting deeply to our very own sensuality and sexuality.      during self-pleasuring, the key is to stay connected to ourselves. And just to be clear, this meditation was not solely about masturbation—it was about connecting to our inner selves, our souls, and the fragmented parts in ourselves. It was about bringing ourselves back to a state  of healthy living in all dimensions, physically, emotionally and spiritually, and sexually.   Right  your ready to go out your body will be transmitting a good high frequency people you are with and meet will feel the positive energy come off you ever if you have a positive energy this will boost the levels up. Try it once and see if your night was a good one and try and stay away for negative people as they will drain your energy .So if you feel like some one dragging you down move away and think happy thoughts .

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