Emotional  energy 

Your body is an transmitter it transmitters emotional energy out of your body out into this  dimension  high frequency  for all good emotions  and low frequency  for all bad emotions. Indigos have a better ability to pick  up on this emotional energy that’s been transmitter by a person this doesn’t mean I can read your mind.I can just pick up the energy  you are transmitteing  out  but what you are transmitteing effect me so negotiated  energy   the lower  frequency drain  me and  positive  energy the high frequency make me feel better . A bit like a when you watch a film you can get emotional connection you feel the pain or happiness of the  characters  or situations will imagine that 24 /7 . Then places  with  a lot of people in one place  have a very big impact  on me. Probably  airports  and flying  is whe worsted it gets.  People  won’t tell you there scared  nearves worried abouts flying but you all emit it and I’m stuck I have no escape  you can’t  get off a plane once the door has closed but as you land you can feel the change  if emotion. Next hospital a lot of people don’t like hospital  but you only see the physical side then add the emotions energy and its not a good place for me at all but at least I have the opportunity to get out and get some space  if I’m visiting  if I have to stay in I’ve away  discharged myself as soon as possible . Home is a lot better environment to get better .So the best place for me is asleep or alone in my own  space when I need to recharge or have just had enough of people which sounds selfish  but until you experience it you have no idea  what it feels like .This will be added to.

This all so makes me very anti hugs and  physical contact with people as if there is any negative energy being transmitter it’s like I neutralize the person absorbing all there energy. Good for them not as good for me .if they are transmitteing a positive energy then it’s ok a bit like a battery  I guess . let’s say I transmitter a + energy  and I come in contact with someone  transmitteing a +energy  then it’s all good. But now I meet some one with a – energy  this now complete the circuit or that’s how I look at it .

Depression is when you don’t really care about anything. anxiety is when you care too much, and over think everything. having both is hell and  I mean  hell on earth as there is no real hell.

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