Your body is just a vessel 

Consider the following phrase without any religious overtones, “your body is but a vessel.” The implication is that the body is just a container for what is truly important – you! Its your life support system for this planet we live in.your body is not you yes it’s a one off a DNA mismatch of your parents a the spark of life which is in the code of you is why you soul is here right now in this dimension  In our superficial modern society, we have certainly lost sight of this. The thing that bugs me most is not that people are obsessed with their appearances – external beauty is something everyone is no doubt attracted to, and this attraction is probably hardwired into us biologically. As a reproduced means to an end we need to keep the species going What bugs me is that people’s whole identity is too often controlled by their external appearance. It’s not just “I’m too fat, and I’m not pretty,” but the more disturbing, “No one wants to talk to me, and I’m a nobody.” And with the world changing it is getting harder and harder.This will effect you physical and mental and spiritual and bring some dark days. People not happy with there body will spend thousand to have work done but does it make them feel better inside  ? This is the main thing your soul is living in your body for now. If the world was a nice place and less materialistic you probably wouldn’t have any body issue but that’s not the world anymore so untill we get less body consciousness again which would so nice if it going  to make you and your soul happy just do it. I have many tattoos all over my body it makes me and my soul happy  I’ve pierced my body. I Love to push my body theme parks is a good places for me  What I’m trying to say is it’s just a body and you can do anything you want with it as long as you soul  is happy with your changes you want to change your gender and your soul happy do it your body is a piece of machinery which houses a very special bit of kit the real you soul. Once you have left the body back to the source the body gets processed as it has no uses now . But until then what ever you want  to do with your body just go for it you get one go don’t live with regets

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