Are you left-handed or ambidextrous  ? 

Many of us indigos are left-handed, or ambidextrous. Well guss what I’m a left-handed  right -handed  and ambidextrous depending on what the task is . So I write with my left hand but can write  with my right  hand just as well I’m writing  this blog right  handed with a keyboard  and holding my phone  left  handed . I find any sport equipment I do right handed  but again can switch to left if I need to this is the also the same with my feet.

Some facts  I’ve found but don’t surprise me 
Many ambidextrous people can adapt and have a greater sense of what is going on around them, but they tend to score low in terms of general intelligence. This could happen for a variety of different reasons.

Many mixed-handed people have a different way of seeing things. They have a tendency to rely on their physical ability more so than their minds. This does not mean that a mixed-handed person is not smart but they just might not need to rely so much on mental ability over physical ability.

You should not forget that ambidextrous people could score lower because they might not have the ability to process information in the same way as a right or left-handed person. It could also be that they rely less on their mind to get through life. While no one knows the real reason for this phenomena, people are amazed that it is statistically true.

Ambidextrous people tend to be angrier than the rest of the population. Many medical researchers found out that anger among mixed-handed people tends to affect their mood. They are usually quicker to react and to become upset.

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