Indgos many have a strong or unusual Psychic and Telekinetic abilities. 

So this is where it’s going to get deep. I found out when I was in one of my bord state’s and I get alot of these that I could move thing’s by contrasting on something and thinking with my mind not my brain as I decided before. I could  move thing’s not big thing’s but paper ,tinfoil  I could move on a pin wheel  or I think called a psi wheel. I can with a lot of thought get a fast spin one way then stop it and get it spinning the other way I ever impressed myself. After a bit of time I could  put a plastic bottle with the bottom cut out over the top so it was in it’s own inclosesed environment so no outside forces could interfere apart from me . The problem  is with me I have a very very short attention span so don’t stick to anything long do i have practice for a long time and it take a lot out of you physical and mentally. So if you going to try you got to remember that. I have had some psychic experiences but again my attention span kicks in. It’s  my nemesis  if I could change one thing about me it would be this as it is the one thing that holds be back in life and stop me moving forward.

An out-of-body experience is an experience that typically involves a feeling of floating outside one’s body and, in some cases, the feeling of perceiving one’s physical body as if from a place outside one’s body. So this was one of my 1st experience and I new from that day that I was slightly different to other people  which was a bit scary to start with. As a teen your whole life is about trying to fit in..So it was not the best timing to have some real proof  you are different because having a feeling  your different and then knowing is a complete different is a big step a very big step.

Out of body experiences are commonplace for indigo children.

Children were already more adept at traveling outside of their bodies than adults, because they haven’t been conditioned to think that we have to live through the senses. Those children that are adept at projecting their consciousness outside of them, do so spontaneously and easily. To them it’s as natural as breathing. Distance has no bearing either. The ones who have found this gift within themselves are unlimited in every way.

In fact many can initiate out-of-body experiences. Spirit guides, angels and more make themselves known to indigos who are open to their presence. Relationships in other dimensions are common with many of today’s children. They easily communicate, play and otherwise interact with these celestial beings and others.

Children have opened up to tell adults about out-of-body trips to places like Atlantis and other star systems. Most have stuffed these adventures because they learned early that to talk about them is not acceptable. Small wonder these children are angry. It’s hard to please yourself and your family both.

“If you realize that you can go from one time to another, because you are really living all times at the same time, you can make choices that literally change the reality that you live now, and at the same time that reality changes all of your other realities forever…All of reality is really one big living organism that has a pulse and a life that is infinite.” Weston from Conversations With the Children of Now, Meg Blackburn Losey

When visiting other dimensions many of the children report that other beings are very loving and peaceful. These beings give back information to our light traveler children that they can use to help change our reality and world. There are millions of realities beside the Earth and these children have first hand experience being a part of them.

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