First Wave Indigo Knights The Children, (now adults) Who Fell Through The Cracks In Our Society

There seems to be a Dark Agenda on this planet to keep Indigos from waking up and taking on the mantle of power they have inside. That is why so many Indigos have been sucked into such harsh and debilitating environments. The dichotomy is, that Indigos innately know that in order to transform the corruption, pollution, and dysfunction on this planet, you have to go inside to the core or mind of the system to know how it operates and thus how to change, alter and bust that system. Indigos came here to bring order and balance back to a planet in chaos …and headed for destruction. I believe that Indigos are the 5th element that has come as part of “The Cosmic Clean-up Crew” to rid the planet of corrupted consciousness and physical/energetic diseases that are imprisoning, destroying and mutating all life forms here!
The Elite has done everything in its self-serving power to keep humans in the dark and I am happy to say that their ruler ship is drastically coming to a dead end.

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