Thinking outside of the box. The time is now !

Thinking outside of the box and when I mean box I mean mainstream media.This is the main source of news for most people of the world definitely in the western world. This is where you get forced feed lies,  propaganda,misinformation , fear ,programming and that just in the headlines. They have 24 hours news  channels pumping out so much shit it makes you see the world in a psychological mechanisms by influencing altering the attitude of a population toward a specific cause, position or political agenda in an effort to form a consensus to a standard set of belief patterns. Generating fear – Fear is generated to change people’s behavior.
So if a government want you to trust and be loyalty a good way is to tell you about a terrorist groups on mainstream media  news channels just keep pumping out the same message day in day out then fake a attack put it all over the media tv, papers, radio and now social media. Probably 5 days of intents coverage and then it’s all forgotten about we move on anytill the time is right of another one so was it real or fake? 2 weeks later  you would  have complete forgotten about it and all them questions that didn’t add up but the news has got you  thinking  about something else to worry about now. This has been happening for years and years but has been getting worse probably the last 25 years as times have changed and not for the better. But mainstream media can’t control parts of the internet which over  the last couple of years has tryed to get real news out to people as some are starting to think for them selfs again and asking questions not just being told propaganda bullshit by the eilte. People  are starting  to wake up which  is worrying a lot of people in the shadows so there’s a silent war going on  you will not hear about it in the mainstream media unless they talking about fake news spread on the internet, social media which there have no control  over and is probably more true then they  have every told you but now they got wise and spread fault news on a big  time scale social media to get control   back and to flood the net with even bigger lies to get cencership on the net and get back control as this is a big problem. People trying to get to truth  out but with the no real effect as it’s been so water down and to a limited audiences. It’s virtual impossible to got any real news out to the mass populations. As the eilte  own your government ,everythink  you see ,hear eat, drink ,breath they own you they control  you. You just don’t no your a slave a slave to money ,debt, the rat race.This is my 1st blog and my spelling  and grammar is not to good so this will give the trolls something to attack me on and try to discredit me and my thoughts . Anyway  what I’m  trying  to say is that mainstream madia  is 100% fake and is just a tool the eilte uses to control you feeding  you bullshit and then use tv to dumb  you down why do you think they call it programmes they are progaming you. Critical times are upon us. Turn off the television because the garbage on there won’t edify you. Come out into nature, sit under a tree and daydream a little. 
Begin taking a habit of projecting positive and peaceful thoughts because they will shape your reality and make life better on Earth.

Indigos  have an inbuilt understanding that what is reported on the media and through official channels is what they want you to know and believe, not what is necessarily true. We are very aware that 90% of what is on the tv, radio, or paper is pure manufactured nonsense.
Start to meet up with others of like mind like you who walks away from the crowd and seek the secrets of the universe.

Come together, meditate together for together we are stronger. Together the new energy you brought to this planet will anchor and change the world. Anyway  there a lot more to come if you are  interested  in becoming  awakened ,unplugged  from the matix .

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