Do you know where the term “mortgage” originally comes from? It originates from Latin, meaning “death pledge”.

Yes, it$ there b4 our eyes. thnx.
Mort= as in Mortal, Mortuary,=Death.
Gage= as in enGage, pledge, attach,
bank$ make Death-Contract with Borrowers.
Interest% drains(blood,money,energy) from
Borrower(govt,corp,person) to Lender(bank),
Clock,Time Transfer$ Wealth2>Bank.

Saturn Death Cult

The Saturn Death Cult were remnants of the Deep State after Atlantis went down. This group became the banking elite in Sodom & Gomorroh, then Babylon, then Rome, & now worldwide. They are responsible for all financial misery in the world.

Saturn Death Cult

The Saturn Death Cult were remnants of the Deep State after Atlantis went down. This group became the banking elite in Sodom & Gomorroh, then Babylon, then Rome, & now worldwide. They are responsible for all financial misery in the world.

The prophecy about the Statue in the book of Daniel is all about this cult & the ages they progressed to.

Golden Head=Golden Age before Sodom & Gomorrah.

Silver shoulders=Sodom & Gomorrah.

Brass waste=Babylon

Iron legs=Rome

Iron/Clay feet=Switzerland & worldwide.

At the end of the prophecy, a stone is made without hands and thrown at the feet of the statue destroying it into dust. Then the Kingdom of God spreads across the world. This refers to destroying Babylonian Money Magic & entering a new Golden Age. Many Golden Ages have existed.

Is this related to the hidden hand story? The story that it was a Golden Age at earth that the Illuminati believed prevented us to ascend. They claim in the hidden hand story they came from sixth density memory complex Lucifer to help us by being as Satanic as the possibly can.

The word “government” comes from the Latin words “guber” and “mente”. Guber = to control. Mente = the mind.


Imagine how easily corruptible the Stock Market system is considering Rothschild hijacked the entire English economy overnight by tricking the Stock Market to drop down to rock bottom & then buying out all the Corporations for pennies.


Random stuff

In the case of dreams, every person is a natural seer. However, very few people pay close enough attention or know how to interpret them.

There is a spiritual power, a demonic force, that wants to destroy the soul of every human on this planet. Unseen forces influence us all.

Beliefs should not be taken as facts because life has limitless potential. Instead of believing stuff, it’s better to recreate life into the most noble utopia imaginable. Later, when we reach that Utopia,we recreate even a more nobler utopia. Use same method to upgrade the self.

“Black Jack” is an occult nickname for Satan. The game of blackjack, and its use of the number 21, is all in reference to Satan. So, there’s that.

If humans were ever to prove the theory that our universe is a simulation, it would simultaneously become the moment when artificial intelligence becomes self-aware, ironically making humanity the artificial intelligence all along.

Three choices

When something bad happens you have three choices. You can either let it define you, let it destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you.

They are after your light, your soul, your consciousness. Be careful.

Respect is earned. Honesty is appreciated. Trust is gained. Loyalty is returned.

You don’t realize how much bullshit the news says until they talk about something you know a lot about

Spiritual Definition Of Sex

Spiritual Definition Of Sex

Sex is a very complex subject but this tweet will clear most of it up. 1st & foremost, #sex & the naked bodies are good, positive God created things but we treat them as if they are shameful. This is because of a variety of reasons.

The only guidelines to sex are to have sex legally & exercise love. We decided 18 years old is the legal age for adults to have sex so we must follow that as most underage people are not ready for such an experience yet.

Exercising love during sex means channeling love towards the person 1 is having sex with. This doesn’t mean 1 has to be totally in love but they should at least care about that person as a friend. As long as these 2 criteria are met, sex is 100% good & productive.

This kind of healthy sex has many mysterious benefits that bring balance, healing, and growth to those having sex. Loveless sex is just using someone so it’s 50% akin to rape. This is why porn is bad. It’s loveless sex with a potential MK Ultra sex slave.

People aren’t have much sex anymore which is why they are using porn. This is because Henry Kissinger bombarded America with many STDs including AIDS. The Deep State doesn’t like us enjoying sex unless it’s trashy, loveless sex which causes more harm than good.

The design behind sex is that it feels very good so people do it often. This is how the cavemen 1st formed a family. They had sex & stuck together so they can have more sex & build a functional life together.

The orgasm itself is a taste of what life itself feels like at higher levels of evolution.

Originally people weren’t ashamed of sex or their bodies. They didn’t even get jealous if someone had sex with their spouse. These belief systems change throughout history depending on where the human culture decides to go. These are called ‘Mores’. Today’s Mores support Monogamy among other things. We have just opened up to accepting gay people which is good actually. We are anti-pedo which is also good. We are ashamed of our bodies. This is bad.

These Mores change all the time.

In the ancient times, the Gov was having a problem with unexpected births where 2 people make a baby by accident. To prevent this from happening, Gov rewrote their religious text of the time to claim sex is evil.

This is the origins of people being brainwashed into thinking sex was evil. Later celibacy cults were formed. Paul, the founder of Christianity, was part of this celibacy cult before he became Jesus’ disciple. He was the one who wrote in the New Testament that being celibate is good. He even admitted that this was not taught by Jesus but was his own belief system. This verse set in the Bible actually has cause much harm to future generations even though Paul had good intentions. Jesus was a celibate for much more complex reasons.

Jesus is a special being type with his own set of rules that don’t apply to most anyone else.

The Gov really hates love based sex so they try to prevent it in 2 ways. If a culture is old fashion like Arabs, they teach that sex is evil.

In more liberal societies like America where they can’t stop sex, they try to ruin it by promoting sexual degeneracy in many forms such as porn & pedophilia normalization or just loveless sex. They also push STDs to prevent sex & hide the cures.


The mirror

Who’s brave enough to have a go?Watch the video 1st it explains what to do but it’s basically stare into a mirror for a long time in a darkened room alone in silence and just see what happens . I’ve done it and WOW . Now its your turn have a go then let me no your experiences write your mirror experiences on this page. Then tell your friends about it and the page and get them to try the mirror for themselves .
The strange face in the mirror illusion is proven in an experiment by Giovanny Caputo that consist on making a person look into their own face in the mirror and after some time they would see something that isn’t their face.

Arohaghost…. what is #themirror thing you did? I’m curious but i’m afraid to click the link >×< — !! The mirror thing is a little challenge! When you stare at yourself in the dark, your mind play…