The mirror

Who’s brave enough to have a go?Watch the video 1st it explains what to do but it’s basically stare into a mirror for a long time in a darkened room alone in silence and just see what happens . I’ve done it and WOW . Now its your turn have a go then let me no your experiences write your mirror experiences on this page. Then tell your friends about it and the page and get them to try the mirror for themselves .
The strange face in the mirror illusion is proven in an experiment by Giovanny Caputo that consist on making a person look into their own face in the mirror and after some time they would see something that isn’t their face.

Arohaghost…. what is #themirror thing you did? I’m curious but i’m afraid to click the link >×< — !! The mirror thing is a little challenge! When you stare at yourself in the dark, your mind play…



Everyone experiences some form of psychic or magical attack at least once in their life. Unfortunately, these attacks are extremely common.

What are Succubi?

A succubus (plural form succubi) is a female sex demon. The word succubus is derived from Latin word succuba, meaning “paramour” (from succub[āre]) and “to lie under” (suc- “under” + cubāre “to lie” + -a).

There is a spiritual power, a demonic force, that wants to destroy the soul of every human on this planet. Unseen forces influence us all.
The word incubus is derived from Late Latin root word incubare which means “lie on”. We also get the Latin word incubo which means nightmare. These words describe the idea being communicated, of a demon (though to be male) that has sexual relations with women at night. Its female counterpart, succubus, is thought to be a female demon that has sex with men at night.

During the time of the Holy Inquisition, many women were executed for sexual intercourse with creatures called incubi. It was believed that they are fallen angels, capable of seducing sleeping women. To believe the testimony obtained under torture is, of course, problematic. But the testimony of women was distinguished by an amazing monotony, coinciding in the smallest detail. And these details have not changed, despite the decades that have passed.

Unequivocal opinion among the ministers of the cult to determine the reasons why demons enter into sexual relations with women, was not. Some have explained this by the unbridled lust of demons, who seek contact to satisfy a variety of perversions. Others expressed the opinion that spirits are unable to experience neither pleasure nor pleasure, and they come to a man only to humiliate him. Still others were inclined to the idea that demons, envying the immortality of the human soul, try to leave their descendants endowed with an immortal soul by means of connections with people. But all of them unanimously agreed that the connections between people and incomprehensible entities exist, considering this fact undeniable.The connections with the incubi (masculine entities who had sexual relations with women) and succubi (feminine entities who had been associated with men), described in medieval treatises, could now be treated with a great deal of skepticism. If it were not for voluntary testimonies of our contemporaries about entering into sexual relations with strange entitiesA woman of thirty-four years, who wished to remain anonymous, told that she often flew in her sleep from childhood, fell into her dreams in the other world, where she met with deceased relatives and acquaintances. Since she was seventeen, she often began to feel someone else’s presence. Someone always comes from behind so that she does not see him. The body at his approach becomes tight, and the woman can not turn. Distinct steps are heard, the bed is felt when the creature lies next to it. Only once she managed to turn her head, and she saw a whitish substance resembling a human silhouette. And in her memory the extraordinary beauty of the creature’s eyes was deposited. The woman managed to see and the hand that she somehow put in front of her. Ordinary hand. Pretty muscular, covered with sparse hair.Sexual intercourse always occurs from the back. And the woman feels the weight of a big man. The assumption that this occurs in a dream, she categorically rejected, explaining that she clearly hears the creaking of the bed and the noisy breathing.The sexual act necessarily ended with a violent orgasm. And the woman noticed that she can regulate the moment of onset of orgasm herself, causing him or quickly after the beginning of the act, or after a long time. The pleasure that a woman receives from an act with an unknown essence is much sharper and more pleasant than from ordinary men. Having been married several times, a woman, in the end, lives alone.Once, right after the arrival of the creature, she asked him why she came to her. But she did not get an answer. The creature raised a bottle of juice standing there from the floor, drank the liquid and left. In the morning the woman found an absolutely empty bottle on the floor. It became clear that the excessive curiosity of the creature clearly did not like.She visited the woman only in a few days. Lowering himself on the bed, in a hissing voice, the creature in Russian said: “I’m defending you. It’s not for long”. The phrase is hard to understand. Especially when you consider that communication with him has been going on for 19 years. After this phrase, during intercourse, the creature whispered to the woman in her ear her name. Another woman noted that if the creature kisses her in the ear, then the ear loses any sensitivity for a while. To sexual contacts with a mysterious partner, a woman is so used to not think about further life without them.A resident of St. Petersburg, Galina Andreevna, told us what happened to her when she was visiting a friend. She lay down to sleep late and woke up, feeling that someone was down on her. On the wall she saw a shadow with a big head and a broad back. I felt penetration. The sensations of the act were so pleasant that the fear that held her down immediately passed. After an unusually violent orgasm, the shadow began to evaporate. Simultaneously, the weight disappeared. The girlfriend slept next to a deep sleep. After the story of Galina Andreevna to her mother about what had happened to her, the mother replied that this had happened to her in her youth.I.R. from Vyatka shared information about what happened to her in 1986. Lying in bed next to her sleeping husband, she heard a noise in the beginning, and then a man’s voice addressed to her. Someone began to kiss her, iron and touch with her hands, and then entered into an intimate relationship. She could not resist, for her body was numb. Later similar happened repeatedly and continues till now. Sexual acts with a woman’s essence are unimaginably pleasing.According to one of the Moscow artists, about five minutes after he goes to bed, a frequent and weak vibration of the bed begins. Then something invisible lies on the bed and begins to caress him

with light touches to intimate places. Due to the fact that what is happening to him unpleasant, a man never allowed the creature to bring himself to orgasm, uttering at the approach of his moment “Do not Touch!”. Laski stop, but after an hour everything repeats. And this happens three to four times a night.Naturally, scientists deny the possibility of communication with unknown entities. Psychiatrists try to explain what is happening a special form of self-hypnosis, in which a person does not realize the moment of transition to trance. Church officials consider beings demons, who destroy the souls of people and lead them to eternal perdition. But there is also a hypothesis that entities come from another, non-material world, where there are no concepts of space and time, as in our world. Probably, this world is able to overlap with ours at certain levels, which allows its inhabitants to enter into sexual contacts with people.

Demonic entities have lurked around Lana of Croatia since she was six years old. Entities would come to her in the night to give her visions or nightmares. The most frightening demons woke her to terrify her out of sleep. “They have many forms,” Lana, now 20, said. “Some look like regular human, except their eyes are empowered with some type of strange energy. Some have black wings, some blue skin and blue wings – those are the ugliest, or they can be pure darkness.”

As she grew, so did the terror of these demonic visitations.

“I saw more demons in my life that you can imagine,” she said. “No wonder demons spotted me and so I early became a victim of an incubus spirit.”

As an adult Lana sat in her room undressing for bed, not thinking of anything in particular, when vulgar images began to seep into her mind. The images quickly became sexual. “I felt like somebody was watching me,” Lana said. “I felt the strange urge not to put my clothes on so I sat like that on my bed hoping those feeling would go away.”

Lana’s breath came in short, clipped bursts as she tried to control her racing thoughts; thoughts she began to understand weren’t her own. “Demonic manipulation was so big,” she said. “Then, one by one, vulgar questions started popping in my mind. I believe the demon was trying to seduce me by talking dirty. I fell for the game, but it felt extremely wrong.”

A force Lana is convinced was an incubus suddenly threw her backward onto the bed and forced itself inside her. “Next thing I know I was being raped in my bed, very violently, not knowing how to chase that demonic manipulation away,” she said. “That night he raped me once more. It was very strange and I felt all the power he had over my mind and my body.”

Incubus or parasomnia, Lana continues to be terrorized in the night. A few days after her first sexual assault, she saw her demon attacker. “He showed himself to me in human form. He looked very handsome,” she said. “I know that’s just his way of disguising himself.” The entity also showed her visions of a newborn child. “I thinks he’s just trying to tie me to himself, because I’m sure I’m not pregnant.”

This entity has since visited her many times. She knows when it is coming because she can feel it, “like something is about to change.” The feeling is horrifying. “Sometimes I am very afraid of him, sometimes I just react hysterically towards him and tell him to go away,” she said. “Every time after I say such thing, he sexually assaults me really violently.”

The entity has spoken to her, as well. “He said he is a demon from water, that I need to do what he tells me to do, that I’m not allowed to break this connection, that he won’t hurt me, that he’ll kill any person I end up in relationship with,” she said. “The most interesting thing he told me few days ago is I asked him why do demons of his kind chase women?”

The demon told her, “There’s no heaven without your beauty; there’s no heaven without angels.”

Lana has sought help from a psychiatrist who prescribed drugs, and a priest who told her the encounters weren’t real. She’s still looking for help. “I hope one day he breaks the bond, and leaves me alone. I am tired of his attacks,” she said. “If somebody has a solution, I’d love to hear it.”

“These demons will take on whatever form that causes the human condition to be curious about their existence and use that.

“They appear in different forms in different cultures and aliens is just the latest fascination, particularly in the Western World.”